I had been throwing around the idea of going back to school for audio engineering and production for a while, and after researching the Art Institute and Shoreline’s programs decided to take the tour at RLA. I’m really glad I did. The studio’s history speaks for itself. This is a place where great records are made by people already respected by the industry. I’ve been here for less than a year, and I’ve already soaked up so much knowledge from the producers, engineers and even the other students. This place is a hive of creative people and professionals that know their stuff and are willing to share their knowledge with eager students.  The biggest strength of the program at RLA is the hands on approach they let the students take with the gear in the studio environment. It really allows you learn at a rate I don’t think you would get in a rigid student/teacher program like the ones offered at other schools. It really feels like family once you get accepted into the program because Robert is so welcoming and eager to have the students get their hands on the incredible consoles and gear. I cannot recommend this program enough. Anyone looking to learn audio engineering in a unique and comfortable studio environment should seriously consider RLA at the top of their list.
— Adam Swan