I have been with the Robert Lang student Education program for about 2 years and have been in love with it since. Knowing that I wanted music to be a part of my life in every way, I wanted to figure out how I could make money doing it too; Being at the studio, I have met a lot of people doing various different things in the music industry: recording live sound, setting up PA systems, wiring sound gear, acoustics, multimedia, mastering, using a soundboard for a football stadium....the list can go on and on. Now maybe those aren’t my dream jobs, but it really makes the possibility of making money by being involved with music realistic. There is a solid combination of vintage audio gear and new digital gear that gives you the best options for recording sound. The program works great as far as flexibility goes. I really didn’t want to go to a college that would tell me what I need to learn in order to fill out the requirements for a degree, I just wanted to learn what I thought I needed to know. At Robert Lang Academy, there are different instructors and engineers coming in and out of the studio, it can really be up to you what you want to learn. There are options for private tutoring, scheduling lessons with your time frame, and just being in the studio to watch people work for observational learning. I’ve had to change my schedule around for certain jobs and moving cities, and never has my education been at risk because of those things thanks to the flexibility of the program. For anyone looking for a path into the music industry, I would definitely suggest joining the Robert Lang Academy family!
— Josh Rogers